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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Outside of Henry W. Longfellow Grade School


Olivia, at home, and on the way to her first day of Kindergarten:  Thursday August 16, 2012. 
She was so earnest, eager, prepared, ready.  I was somewhat less so.  I had emotional moments all week prior to her going.  For me, I think these moments come from noticing the days and weeks passing, and seeing her change, and hearing the admonitions to treasure each moment with her, and knowing that I honestly do treasure every single moment with her even when I'm thoroughly frustrated with something she has said or done...and the days pass anyway.  Regardless of how much I savor them.  And I love to hold her, but I will not hold her back.  And maybe also because I am so tremendously proud of her; not that she wouldn't or couldn't have made it to this point in her life, or even that she overcame so much to get to this point because she didn't.  But that she is my happy, eager, attentive, thoughtful, brave little Olivia and she is looking forward to school, where she will thrive and ripen and battle and learn.  May I and your family and friends be a wind at your back, LaLa.

More ATCC Graduation Photos

Graduation from Apple Tree

The day has come and gone, as have the years since we first walked into Olivia's pre-school, hauling a car seat, trudging through snow.  In the five years between she has grown more physically and mentally than she ever will again in her life.  This school helped her learn to eat solid food, eat with lots of other kids, use a poddy, walk, run, ride and climb things, talk, yell, sing, joke, tell stories, read, write and listen.  She has developed patience, understanding, empathy, humor, kindness, frustration, attention and pride.  We cannot thank you enough, all the teachers and directors she has known at ATCC, and look forward to a couple more years in your company with Henry and Audrey.  She embarks on her school system education with enormous preparation and knowing she has been much loved by wonderful people.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting ready for school next month

This is what Olivia plans to do to bullies in grade school.   And her friends.  And siblings and parents.  That'll show 'em.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Big Girl Bike!

From Nana and Papa, earlier this month!  Riding out at the new lake park south of Iowa City!  Still totally scared even with training wheels!  But loves to pass her brother and sister; hates to be passed by them!  Yeah! 

Happy Graduation Ruth Anne

Taken at the graduation party of the kids' most frequent babysitter, Ruth Anne.  We will all miss her very much as she goes to Grinnell this Fall, and I can only hope that my daughters will emulate Ruth Anne in any way possible.